31 July 2020

Ready, Set, Give: In just one week, Brookfield Properties’ retail group raises $70,000 with A Cause for Caring

We are proud of Brookfield’s global efforts to affect positive change in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is one story in a series of blogs highlighting the various global campaigns and how they made a difference.

The 2,000 team members of Brookfield Properties’ retail group had been hungry for a donation matching opportunity, so when the chance arose, they eagerly stepped up to the occasion.

“I think it speaks volumes to how important community is to all of our team members, regardless of where they’re living and working,” said Kelly Miller, HR Specialist with Brookfield Properties’ retail group, “Team members are so happy to be working for a company that, especially at a time like this, is extending 2:1 donation matching.”

The A Cause For Caring campaign was coordinated globally amongst Brookfield companies and sectors. The campaign empowered team members to donate to a charity or non-profit of their choice with the 2:1 match portion of the donation directed to local causes providing critical relief from the impacts of COVID-19.

Kelly also leads the Chicago-based Brookfield Properties Cares charity committee. She mentions that there had been an appetite for donation matching within her department and team member population, so this was a very welcomed campaign.

There was an incredible uptake by Brookfield Properties’ retail group team members. Within one week, donations reached $70,000 (including Brookfield’s matching). Donations have steadily risen and the team is $3,000 away from their $100,000 goal as of July 30!

“We have been so excited about this, and to be a part of it is just so wonderful,” said Kelly, “When we sent out that first email, team members just absolutely jumped on it and it was really amazing to see.”

Brookfield Properties’ retail group encouraged team members to select any charity that played a role in the community’s COVID-19 recovery or may have been impacted by the pandemic. This allowed individuals the flexibility to choose whatever meant most to them in their community. Brookfield Properties’ retail group operates throughout the United Sates, including Hawaii, Denver, Iowa and Illinois, to name a few, so it was important for team members to have the ability to choose their own preferred local causes. Some examples of charities and non-profits that team members donated to include:

Kelly’s personal charity of choice was Save the Michaels, which is based in western New York, and provides drug addiction support and awareness advocacy. This cause was important to Kelly because of the support it had provided to her brother-in-law. Kelly wanted to provide some relief to small charities such as Save the Michaels.

“I donated about $334, so they got $1,000 in total. It was really amazing to be able to have that amount of impact, especially for a small, local charity. I know that $1,000 will go a really long way,” she said.

Kelly found the global coordination of A Cause for Caring inspiring, and hopes that future coordination of philanthropy is possible. She feels lucky to work with a company that is able to harness such strong efforts for the power of good.

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