31 July 2020

Northeast Brookfield Properties Puts the Fun in Fundraising with Drawing Contests, Trivia and a Cookbook

We are proud of Brookfield’s global efforts to affect positive change in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is one story in a series of blogs highlighting the various global campaigns and how they made a difference.

Through the A Cause for Caring campaign, team members globally felt Brookfield Properties’ support as the organization matched donations 2:1, allowing each person’s cause to be sponsored while enriching local communities.

Brookfield Cares is Brookfield’s corporate philanthropy initiative that aims to affect positive change in the areas where we live, work and play. Katie Kinney, Manager of Marketing and Corporate Philanthropy for Brookfield Properties, champions Brookfield Cares and was overjoyed to see Brookfield come together on a global scale with A Cause for Caring.

“Brookfield is just such an incredible organization. It’s amazing that we have the power to take our global reach and to leverage it for good, to come together in a new way during such an unprecedented time.” Katie mentioned.

Katie also orchestrated the campaign for Brookfield Properties Northeast, (Boston, Baltimore, New York, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania), which had a friendly challenge twist to it. For three weeks of the campaign, senior leaders championed a weekly challenge, providing a fun way to raise funds and work as a team.

“Through these challenges, we wanted to have fun, engage our employees and ensure they were family-friendly to raise money for causes we care about,” said Katie.

The A Cause for Caring initiatives not only supported local communities, they also brought communities together. “This virus has touched every single person on the globe in some capacity. For us to be able to fundraise to do some good within the community and shine a light on this moment in our culture for both the pandemic and the racial injustice is so important. I’m really glad and grateful that we, Brookfield, rose to the occasion,” Katie said.

For the first week of challenges, senior leaders Haviva Weitz, Callie Haines and Bobby Swennes across New York and DC, along with their kids, organized a kids drawing contest, inspired by the Brookfield Properties Development Caring Kids campaign by Margaret Wu. Participants were asked to make a donation of $25 or more, and then submit a drawing of their child’s favorite place in the world. Submissions were then collected and uploaded to the Brookfield Cares portal where winners were voted on by Haviva, Callie, Bobby and their kids. The children who won the coloring contest received additional money from Brookfield to put toward a charity of their choice.

Katie mentioned how incredible it was allowing the team members’ children to get involved, “Engaging children, especially in a time like this, is so important. I loved hearing from the parents how excited the kids were to participate, and to submit their drawings, but also then to win and to have the autonomy to select the organization that they wanted to give to.”

The second week, which was the most successful week, involved a Northeast company-wide trivia night sponsored by Jerry Larkin and Cy Kouhestani. It was an evening full of pop culture and Brookfield-related trivia questions, with a donation serving as the entry price. Employees played from their own spaces but were placed into teams based on their departments. The scores were aggregated for a total team score. The Asset Management team came out on top!

“Everyone thought it was really fun. The questions were great, and it was so amazing to see everyone and be together,” Katie said.

Week three was the Best At-Home Chef at Brookfield challenge, championed by Jason Maurer and Jen Correale; the Northeast marketing team pieced together a beautiful digital cookbook which included popular dishes from retailers across Brookfield’s portfolio in New York and DC.  Team members could get involved in the final challenge in two ways: the first way was to make a donation of $25 or more to receive a link to the cookbook. The second option was to submit a recipe and photo of a dish; winning dishes would be included in the cookbook.

Through these challenges and efforts, Brookfield Properties Northeast stepped up to raise over $47,000 with a total contribution up to $500,000 by Brookfield to both COVID-19 related response and racial justice organizations. These funds supported team members’ causes of choice, going to multiple charities in Boston, Baltimore, New York, DC, Virginia and Philly. Brookfield Properties Northeast coordinated an interactive and creative campaign that showed team members that Brookfield truly cares about what you care about.