31 July 2020

Brookfield Properties’ multifamily and corporate FC teams, draw attention to giving in more ways than one

We are proud of Brookfield’s global efforts to affect positive change in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is one story in a series of blogs highlighting the various global campaigns and how they made a difference.

Caring for our communities is a part of the mission statement that inspires the Multifamily team’s work every day. During the unpredictable times of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were thankful for the opportunity to once again put their mission into action as they participated in the A Cause for Caring campaign.

A Cause for Caring is a global effort by Brookfield Properties, empowering team members across all sectors globally to support causes of their choice, with a focus on helping those most impacted by COVID-19. The company matched all donations 2:1.

The Multifamily and Corporate FC teams rose to the occasion, eagerly raising $105,000 (including matching), collecting funds for 70 different charities. In addition to charities like foodbanks and local United Way chapters that play key roles in our community’s COVID-19 recovery, associates also shared their support with organizations dedicated to civil rights, education, the environment, health, youth development and the arts. Charity Katz, Manager of Internal Communications in Cleveland, shared one way the teams engaged associates and their families, the DRAWing Attention to Giving contest.

“We were trying to find a way to engage, not just associates, but their families because many team members had kids at home that might be looking for a project to keep them busy,” Charity mentioned. “We also wanted to open the door for families to talk about what it means to give and why it is important.”

The drawing contest launched by providing three inspirational prompts which were: helping others, hope and giving. Participants were then asked to illustrate what those words meant to them. Winners were voted on by associates and the prize was the chance for the artists to select the charity of their choice from the Giving Challenge site to receive a donation in their honor. There were three categories of entries: ages 0-7, ages 8-11 and adults. In each category, first place directed a $500 donation, second place directed a $300 donation, and third place directed a $200 donation. All the remaining participants received the opportunity to designate $100 to a charity of their choice.

“It was fun to hear the stories from parents explaining what their child drew and why and hear more about the discussions on how each non-profit was selected by the kids,” Charity said.

Another way the teams garnered support was through mini challenges. For example, the opportunity to ‘win’ the ability to wear jeans one day at work by donating to a cause, or leaders offering additional donations to organizations if certain percentages of their team participated. These mini challenges were a fun way for local leaders to own part of the campaign and make it more personal for their associates.

Creating opportunities for each team member to direct their donations to the causes most important to them was empowering and opened a space of reflection, even in a global campaign. “When you have everyone working towards the same passion, all focused on community impact, it really shows how great our teamwork is. It was nice to have one unified Brookfield Properties initiative to work towards,” Charity expressed.

Overall, bringing the Multifamily and Corporate FC teams together to support over 70 charities within the communities during very unpredictable times was a great success.

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